Our abilities consist of about all structural and pipe welding and cutting. We can STICK MIG or TIG all structural steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. We also STICK, MIG, or TIG carbon and stainless steel pipe whether it's for water, steam, gas, or hydraulic plumbing, just to name a few. We perform welding and cutting services for new insulations, repairs, modifications, and removal of systems and components. Custom fabrication of products and units can also be performed. Drafting of some jobs to clearly identify work to be done can also be performed. If there are any questions to our ability to perform services for you or your company please feel free to contact us.


    We specialize in industrial and commercial maintenance. We perform most all mechanical duties from installing and removing equipment, to trouble shooting and repairing, to simple preventive maintenance. For any licensed electrical work needed we have a North Carolina licensed sub-contractor that works with us on service rates. If it's minor or major we are always willing to help our customers out. To find out if we can help you or your company please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.